About Me

Cam-RRG-Nov2015smI’m Cameron Hörst (pronounced Hurst), and I’m an 16-year-old from Pennsylvania who loves rock climbing, football, training, and all things challenging and fun!

My Dad’s a veteran climber, so I’ve been climbing with my family since I was 3 years old. I did my first sport lead climbs the summer before my 7th birthday, and I then set the goal to climb my first 5.13 before my 10th birthday (which I achieved with two months to spare!). At age 11, I climbed my first three 5.14a routes, and advanced to 5.14b with my ascent of Raubritter (Frankenjura, Germany) when I was 14. In 2012, I was awarded Climbing magazine’s Golden Piton for my achievements the previous year, and in 2013 my brother, Jonathan, and I received the “New Kids on the Block” OLGA award by the European climbing magazine CLIMAX.

In addition to climbing, I have a deep love for American football, which I’ve played for 7 years and counting… As the starting Quarterback and Safety, I’ve helped lead my team to three Red Rose League Championships (2011, 2013, 2014) and an undefeated 2015 freshman football season. As a sophomore I won a starting position (Safety) on the Varsity team…which went to the playoffs!

My other “likes” include math &  science, music & playing guitar, skiing, traveling, and watching “The Walking Dead” TV show. And, of course, I enjoy training for climbing and powerlifting–in December 2015, I even managed to set a Pennsylvania state powerlifting record for my age/weight class (14/146lbs) with a lift of 363 lbs.







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